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About American Hydrotech
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Project Details

Gates Foundation Campus

Location: Seattle, WA
Completion Date: 2009
Size: 260,000 sqft.
Market Sector: Office
New Construction: Yes

Project Team

Owner: Iris Holdings LLC
Contractor: Sellen Construction Company, Inc.

Product Info

Garden Roof
Garden Roof Size: 33,000 sqft.
Products: Planters
Ultimate Assembly Size: 84,500 sqft.
Waterproofing Size: 53,500 sqft.

Additional Details

Dense, urban developments often have limited or no space for the typical stormwater management techniques. As a result, rooftops are increasingly playing a role in stormwater mitigation and management as more and more municipalities are requiring developers to detain larger volumes of water on their sites to delay the entry of water into outdated and overburdened storm sewer systems.

Hydrotech has been involved in stormwater management on rooftops for decades, and we are especially proud to have been a part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation headquarters project. The campus includes a massive stormwater collection and re-distribution system capable of harvesting over three million gallons of water per year.

This system, along with the stormwater retention provided by the Garden Roof Assembly and other site landscape features, reduces the campus’ overall potable water use by over 75%.

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