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Green roof at 1333 New Hampshire NW Washington, DC

Garden Roof

Hydrotech's Garden Roof® Assemblies combine the proven performance of our Monolithic Membrane 6125® roofing/waterproofing with proven green technology.

Unlike conventional earth-covered structures, Garden Roof Assemblies are lightweight and can be installed on a wide variety of new and existing structures. Replacing the impervious surface of a conventional roof with a green roof can help to substantially reduce stormwater run-off and restore the balance with nature in our urban centers.

As our cities continue to grow, the natural landscape is being replaced with buildings, as well as parking lots and roadways of concrete and asphalt. Open green spaces within city centers are decreasing as the strong demand for land to build upon increases. Temperature increases of 3-10°F have been observed in city centers when compared to temperatures in outlying areas where Mother Nature is part of the natural surroundings.

Commonly referred to as "urban heat island" effect, this dome of heat creates an unhealthy environment in which polluted air, smog and higher temperatures can take their toll on us all. Additionally, these increased temperatures result in higher energy demands to keep our buildings cool.

To a great extent the rooftops, parking lots and roadways that make up the cityscape are impervious to water, often resulting in an overload of the existing drainage and sewer systems, increasing the risk of flooding following a heavy rain. Continued development in our cities will only add to this problem, making the cost for improving the existing sewer infrastructure prohibitively expensive.

The Garden Roof Assembly successfully passed a series of tests and met the rigorous requirements to achieve FM Approvals. Hydrotech is the only membrane manufacturer that can offer an FM Approval for a vegetated roof assembly, starting at the deck and up through the vegetation. 

400 North Aberdeen Office Green Roof with Skyline view of Chicago

Hydrotech's "Total" Garden Roof Assembly Approach

From the roof membrane up through the plants, at American Hydrotech we understand that a green roof needs to function first as a roof, keeping the structure watertight, and at the same time provide an environment conducive to the vegetation. In our Garden Roof Assemblies we accomplish this by incorporating the very best in moisture protection, proven green roof technology and experience. Learn more about why a Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly is the ideal solution for your next green roof project.

Garden Roof® Assemblies

Hydrotech's wide range of Garden Roof Assemblies are available to suit virtually any design requirement. They are typically classified as:

Intensive Green Roof

Deeper media depths are required to support a wide variety of plants, shrubs and trees. Often designed to be accessible for recreational use, this comes as close as you can get to replicating your yard or garden on the roof. Irrigiation and regular maintenance are necessary.

Sloped Applications Green Roof

Design professionals can now expand beyond traditional flat roof applications and put a green roof where it has not been feasible before. Additionally, a sloped Garden Roof Assembly can be designed for visibility and viewing from a wider range of locations, not just standing on the roof. Slopes ranging from 2:12 up to 12:12 are possible for extensive and limited intensive applications, provided the appropriate measures are taken to cope with the shear forces and soil retention.

Lawn Green Roof

Still considered a lightweight assembly, but with a slightly deeper media depth, and designed to support sod lawns and perennials. Irrigation will depend on the plant choices and climate. Generally accessible by adjacent hardscape areas, such as a patio, beautiful additional usable space can be created.

Extensive Green Roof

Designed to be lightweight and support hardy plants, this option is considered low maintenance, with no irrigation required in most climates. This is an excellent choice if your objective is to mitigate the effects of urban heat islands and reduce stormwater run-off.

Intensive green roof


Lawn Vegetated Roof


Sloped Green Roof


Extensive shallow green roof