Discover MM6125® innovations throughout our 60 years of proven performance

For 60 years, Monolithic Membrane 6125® has been protected not only buildings, but our clients’ investments, our natural resources, and the well-being of building occupants.

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Celebrating 60 Years of Proven Performance!

Monolithic Membrane 6125® is the industry's first hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt membrane. Developed in the early 1960’s, it improved both the quality and durability of waterproofing systems. MM6125 quickly became the premier choice for commercial buildings throughout the world.

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MORE R-Value per inch - R6.7 vs R5

Lower thickness = higher design flexibility

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Garden Roof Planning Guide Request

With over 25 years of experience in all kinds of vegetated roofs, Hydrotech's 4th edition of the Garden Roof Planning Guide can take you from concept to completion in under 80 pages. 

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Learn About the Benefits of a Protected Membrane Roof in Less Than 5 Minutes

Protected Membrane Roof (PMR) Planning Guide, representing more than 50 years of proven assembly experience across the globe and 35+ years of Hydrotech’s industry knowledge.

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Because if your roof membrane isn't protected neither is your building

Learn more about all the advantages of Hydrotech’s Protected Membrane Roof.

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Bringing Green Roofs to a Whole New Level

Hydrotech's Garden Roof® Assembly allows the design professional to transform virtually any flat or sloped roof into a landscaped environment.

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Protected Membrane Roof Planning Guide Request

The guide strives to educate architects, engineers, general contractors and other design professionals on the key benefits of a protected membrane roof compared to a conventional roof.

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Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane 6125® (MM6125®) enjoys a 50-plus-year proven track record of superior long-term waterproofing protection. Leading architects, engineers and owners employ thick, tough, flexible, and self-healing MM6125 on horizontal and vertical structures including plazas, parking decks, planters, tunnels, bridges, mud slabs, foundation walls, and roof areas.
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Protected Membrane Roof (PMR)

With a Hydrotech Protected Membrane Roof (PMR), your roof membrane is protected for the life of your building. Hydrotech PMR assemblies employ the right materials, in the right order, to produce a highly energy-efficient roof that lasts more than three times the lifespan of an average unprotected membrane roof.
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Amenity Deck

What could your roof be? A restaurant, bar, or nightclub? An outdoor space for employee gatherings or simply a quiet spot to work outdoors or enjoy lunch? Hydrotech Amenity Deck(s) beautifully, safely, and effectively transform a roof into any of these exciting new possibilities.
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Garden Roof

North America’s leading pioneer and innovator in green roof technology, Hydrotech offers a full range of assemblies and systems to meet your specific garden roof vision and requirement. Whether a lush lawn roof or a roof filled with diverse plants, shrubs, and trees, Hydrotech has your solution.
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Resource Center

To assist in designing your project, please explore our resource center where you can access literature, details, specifications, product information, project photography and more.

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American Hydrotech, Inc. is committed to contributing to professional continuing education of architects by developing informative and relevant free continuing education courses that advance building science, sustainability, and qualify for AIA CES credit.

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Penn Eleven (1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE) is a great example of an adaptive reuse project in Washington, DC. This location used to be the home of Frager’s Hardware store until a tragic fire left the building gutted and vacant. The design team brought the building back to its former glory including its historic façades and also constructed 34 condominiums that feature beautiful amenity decks.

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The Cielo Apartments in Washington, D.C. offer incredible views of the surrounding area, from which you can even see the Capitol Building. Completed in 2023, 300 M St.

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The Prudential Tower is a historical building that brought new economic opportunity to Boston when it was built in 1964. To preserve the iconic building renovation efforts were launched in 2022 and the project completed in 2023.

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The Daybreak Library located in South Jordan, UT is nestled into a transit and pedestrian friendly location that make it easy for visitors to access. The library has maximized its footprint by including leisure space in and around the building, which includes a sloped green roof leading to a rooftop patio that is shaded by solar panels.

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