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Hypar pavilion


Complex or Steep Roof Slopes

Hydrotech’s Garden Roof® standard designs can be used on roof decks ranging from dead-level up to a 2:12 pitch. For slopes between 2:12 and 3:12 pitch, contact Hydrotech for potential Garden Roof® Assembly options.

For sloped greater than 3:12 or for surfaces with convex, concave or compound curves, Hydrotech offers a special high slope component, GardNet®. It utilizes a cellular containment system and stainless-steel cables to conform to a wide range of roof slopes to enhance nearly any architectural vegetated roof objective. The architect (or engineer) provides the structural connection design to attach the GardNet® sloped roof assembly to the building. The general contractor provides the actual connection bracket/hardware per the architect’s design. Hydrotech provides the cables and GardNet® cellular containment system for installation by the contractor.

Parapets and edgings on all sides of any Garden Roof® must be properly designed and engineered by the project architect and/or engineer to contain, secure, and accommodate the loadings created by all of the Garden Roof components and vegetation.

Contact Hydrotech for further details.

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