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Project Details

Penn State University Millennium Science Complex

Location: State College, PA
Completion Date: 2009
Size: 90,500 sqft.
Market Sector: Education
New Construction: Yes

Project Team

Owner: The Pennsylvania State University
Architect: RV Architects, LLC
Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Product Info

Garden Roof
Garden Roof Type: Mixed
Garden Roof Size: 60,300 sqft.

Award Winning

Awards Won: LEED® Gold Certified

Additional Details

U.S. colleges and universities have always been synonymous with discovery and high innovation in the fields of engineering and science. On Penn State's University Park campus, a 297,000-square-foot building stands tall, and serves as an ongoing symbol of commitment to excellence in delivering advanced, cutting-edge research. The Millennium Science Complex, the University's most comprehensive research facility and largest academic building, brings together esteemed faculty from Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Physics, and Medicine all for innovative, interdisciplinary research.

The four-level tiered massive steel structure complements the unique architecture of the Penn State Campus and meets tight research requirements, such as removal of all vibrations and electromagnetic forces that could disturb sensitive equipment. In addition to this high commitment to precise research and development, the Millennium Science Complex also is committed to the environment and was certified LEED® Gold in 2013, due in part to the environmental benefits of the roof assembly.

Hydrotech's Extensive Garden Roof® assembly spans across ninety percent of the five-level, 60,000 SF roof and delivers energy conservation during extreme temperature and manages stormwater runoff. More than 118,000 plugs of 13 media types are planted in soil that was blown up to cover the high roof areas. A water pump was also installed to raise water pressure and properly irrigate the plants over time. The roof ultimately reduces all urban heat island effects, such as lowering air pollution, summertime peak energy demand, air conditioning costs and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Many times a vegetated roof can only be seen from above or from the surrounding buildings. This project employs the same waterproofing and Garden Roof Assembly products down to the plaza level. The park-like space is a high profile and well used area where students and faculty alike can enjoy its beauty and where innovation and discovery can be cultivated through peaceful reflection. 

Penn State officials look forward to the Millennium Science Complexto be a memorable campus structure, not only for its size, design and commitment to the environment, but also for what it represents, a commitment to outstanding research and innovation.

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