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Joint Commission Standard EC.8.10 requires hospitals to establish and maintain an appropriate environment. And what could be more appropriate to the needs of recovering patients, their families and friends, and hospital staff members than a healing garden? Most especially, this healing garden.

It’s a new world when it comes to commercial architecture and construction. No longer is the

Demonstration Roof The American Society of Landscape Architects decided its own roof would make an excellent demonstration model.

Lushly planted green roofs that change color with the season are the centerpieces of two new buildings in downtown Seattle. The roofs provide not only a distinctive design feature for the buildings but also important environmental and economic benefits for the city of Seattle.

Green roofs have become increasingly popular over the past several years due to their ability to provide a wide range of sustainability, energy and ecological benefits while often enhancing the aesthetic qualities and architectural creativity of buildings.

Visitors to Seattle’s new City Hall and Justice Center probably don’t spend much time considering the sustainability, energy savings and ecological benefits of these new civic buildings’ high profile garden roofs. They’re too busy enjoying the views.


With the State of Maryland's Smart Growth initiatives, adopted in July of 2002, we (DNC Architects, Inc.) were able to demonstrate that a greeen roof, with all the associated benefits, could be added to a redevelopment project and that the payback would be immediate.

Architects often represent the high caliber of creativity in their work by reserving a space in their plans for art. In two recently completed Seattle projects, that space has been reserved on their roofs. Rather, the actual roofs have become works of art.