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Sustainable Garden Roof in San Francisco, California

From its humble beginnings in 2011, Uber has rocketed to the top of the technology food chain and now provides a global platform that is driven by the mission to help people get anywhere and get anything.  A big part of Uber’s mission, too, is sustainability.  Specifically, the company is committed to becoming a fully electric, zero-emission platform by 2040 as a way of tackling the challenge of climate change.  One way that Uber is backing its commitment to sustainability is its new headquarters in Mission Bay, a neighborhood on the east side of San Francisco, California.

Perhaps the most impressive sustainability feature at Uber’s headquarters is its green space on the roof and in the public park at the ground level.  There are many reasons to incorporate a green or living roof into a design, including energy conservation, exterior sound mitigation, stormwater management, and financial benefits.  By utilizing a Garden Roof® Assembly from American Hydrotech®, Uber’s rooftop garden helps to reduce stormwater run-off and heat absorption.  Stormwater affects a building’s surroundings in many ways, including contaminated drinking water, landscape degradation, and flooding.  At Uber’s Mission Bay buildings, a unique water conservation system collects water from the rooftops to be reused elsewhere.

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Uber Mission Bay HQ - Buildings 1 and 2 dynamic image of connecting bridges