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GardNet Has Expanded the Range of Roofs That Can Be Greened

Since when do green roofs need to be flat? For countless years, roof tops were the forgotten plane of the building envelope. Relegated to keeping the dry, the rooftop was often only thought of as the convenient place for HVAC elements and similar functions.

Amenity decks began to flourish as building owners used them to attract customers and tenants. Exquisite and luxurious roofpark environments have been successfully created in the process. All of these projects require a roof deck that is relatively flat with minimal slope. This creates a feeling of 2-dimensional space, even with elaborate landscape and structures on the roof.

Fortunately, a number of designers have been looking at 3-dimensional expressions on the roofscape, especially where it manifests in the green roof. They often rely on complex mathematics and ever increasing computing power in developing the geometries of new structures including the roofscape.

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New Technology for Sloped Green Roofs